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QWhat will be cost benefits of installing these performance products on my Car or Bike?

The life of a normal company air filter is only 10 thousand Km. The life of a performance filter (K & N, Pipercross, SARD or Direct Drive) is 16 lakh km, which is 160 times more than a company fitted filter. The same performance filter can be used many times in different cars. You can change the car but the filter will be same. Suppose a normal filter cost Rs 450 and a medium size K & N filter cost Rs 5400. So it means that changing a company fitted filter for 16 lakh kilometers will cost you = (Cost of Company’s filter*Life of Performance Filter/Life of Company’s Filter) i.e. Rs 450* 1600000/10000= Rs 72000, which is much more than cost of a medium sized K & N performance filter (i.e. Rs 5400). So you save Rs 72000-Rs 5400=Rs 66600. Your savings can increase many times if you also use other Performance products like Platinum/ Iridium plugs, Spark plug wires, Free Flow Exhaust etc. Kindly check the complete product range in our Product Range section.

QWhy didn't company give me these performance products when I bought the car from them?

Company cannot give you all products for your car like Alloy Wheels, Leather seat covers and High-quality audio systems. Same is the case with Performance Products. Installing these products will increase over all cost of the vehicle. All the car manufacturers have to compete with each other for a particular car segment. For e.g. If Hyundai Santro starts giving these Performance products like K & N filter, Iridium plugs etc then the cost of Hyundai Santro will be higher than Maruti Wagon R and other cars in that segment which will ultimately affect the sales of Hyundai Santro
These performance products last many times longer than low-priced products supplied by car manufacturers as OEMs. A K & N filter will last for 16 lakh kms as compared to filter given by company which last not more than 10 thousand kilometers and Iridium spark plug will last up to 1.8 Lakh kms as compared to spark plugs supplied by company which last not more than 18 thousand kilometers. If the company starts giving these high quality products then they will not be able to make huge amount of money in labour charges and sale-purchase of their products, which they supply as OEM (Original Equipments). Performance Zone understood the need of people in India and that's why we import these very high quality products for you.
Also the concept of Performance products is very new in India and it will take a longer time for the company to realize the benefits and importance of these products. Few of the car manufacturers like Honda have started giving Iridium spark plugs in their cars as original equipments. However these products are sold in large quantities in Foreign countries.

QOn which kind of vehicle can these performance products be installed?

These products can be installed on any Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG or Hybrid vehicle. They can be installed on any Indian or Imported car from Maruti 800 to Mercedes and on any Bike. The power gain will vary according to the type of the engine.

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