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QWhat will be the result of installing these performance products on my car or bike?

Ans1. After installing these performance products there will be increase in power, torque, acceleration, top speed and fuel efficiency. There is a misconception among people about performance products that they are meant only for pick-up, power etc. Most of people are not aware of other benefits of these products like increase in fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and longer engine life etc.

QHow much will be the increase in Power and Torque?

Ans2. The increase in Power and Torque will range from 10% to 60% depending upon the Package you choose among Very Mild to Bracket.

QAre these Performance Products for racing purpose only?

Ans3. Of course not, the best thing about these products is that they are for everybody whether a Normal city driver, Day to day office commuter, Street racer, Drag race enthusiast or a Ralliest.

QWill I still enjoy performance in AC Mode of the car?

Even if you switch on the Air Conditioner the performance drop will be negligible compared to the drop in performance in a normal car

QHow does installation of performance products in Fuel Economy Package increase fuel economy?

Installation of Performance products in our fuel economy package will lead to complete combustion of fuel, which is not possible otherwise. Complete combustion of fuel will not lead to its wastage and hence you get more mileage with the same amount of fuel. Also there will be less pollution and longer engine life due to less carbon deposits in the engine.

QWhat other benefits will I get after installing products in Fuel Economy Package?

Ans6. With more power and fuel efficiency there will be increase in engine life and decrease in harmful emissions.

QWhy these products are named as performance products if these products can increase my fuel efficiency?

Ans7. Performance products are named so because you will have more driving pleasure whether you accelerate from 0-100 Km/hr, 20-80 Km/hr or 40-100 Km/hr. Whether you drive slow or fast you will already be driving a more powerful car which does not need to be driven hard to get performance. You don’t need to press full accelerator to get more power. Driving in a normal way with more power due to installation of these performance products, will consume less fuel. Also whether you drive fast or slow you will get more fuel efficiency compared to car fitted with normal company given products (OEMs).

QCan I only buy these Performance Products to get only more fuel efficiency because I m not a speed-enthusiast?

Definitely, it is solely up to the driver whether he wants more power or more fuel efficiency. It all depends upon his driving style. If you drive normally after installing these performance products then you will surely get 15% to 40 % increase in fuel efficiency. It is truly said that it is a package comprising more power and fuel efficiency.

QWont driving harder for more performance reduces the fuel-economy?

After installing the products in our Fuel Economy Package there will definitely be 15% to 40 % increase in fuel efficiency. Driving harder will consume more fuel but the fuel efficiency when driven hard with performance products installed in your vehicle will anyway be more than when driven hard with company fitted equipments in your vehicle. So ultimately, there will be more fuel efficiency whether you drive fast or slow with these performance products installed in your vehicle.

QWhat is the Life of these Performance Products?

These products are for Lifetime. Means you can change many cars or bikes but the same product will be installed in your next vehicle. The life of these products is many-many times more than the normal products supplied by the company.

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